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392 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. ;1 particular friend-and even Southey and Wordsworth out-lived the more recent remembrance of the lash. During the sitting of the Court of Session Lord Jeffrey attended his duty with much regularity. As a judge his lordship gave general satisfaction ; and his decisions, which are elaborate and able, were seldom reversed in the Inner House. His treatment of the barristers who pleaded before him was uniformly kind and gentlemanly ; and we believe we may aver, without fear of contradiction, that no individual ever sat on the Scottish Bench more universally respected by all parties, than was the once dreaded Editor of the Edinburgh Beview. His lordship resided chiefly at Craigcrook, a delightful villa about two miles north-west of Edinburgh. In 1801 he married a daughter of the Rev. Dr Wilson, Hebrew Professor at St. Andrews ; and secondly, in 1813, a grandniece of the celebrated John Wilkes, .Miss Wilkes of New York, for whom, with true gallantry, he ventured across the Atlantic while war was hotly waged between the two countries. He had one child, a daughter (Charlotte Wilkes), married, on the 27th of June 1838, to William Empson, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn. In concluding this brief and imperfect sketch of one whose name is so widely known, and of whom the Scottish metropolis may justly be.proud, we certainly owe an apology for the scanty materials within our reach. Our readers will understand us when we say that the time is not yet come for more minute detail, and then the task will be undertaken by more competent biographers. We ought not to omit mentioning, however, the great interest taken by Lord Jeffrey in promoting the fine arts, his taste for which was universally acknowledged. Whether by private or public encouragement, he always showed himself their ready and willing patron, His lordship was a member of the Bannatyne and Abbotsford Clubs? No. CCCIII. CAPTAIN DALRYMPLE, AND MISS MACDONALD OF CLANRONALD. CAPTAIN DALRYMPLE HORN ELPHINSTONE (afterwards SIR ROBERT), of Horn, Westhall, and Logie, held a commission for some time in the third Regiment of Foot Guards, under the Duke of York. His father, General Dalrymple, who died in 1794, aged seventy-seven, was a distinguished soldier. The General was the third son of Hugh Dalymple of Drummore (grandson of theViscount Stair), Lord Jeffrey died at his house, No. 25 Moray' Place, Edinburgh, on the 26th January 1850, The detailed biography alluded to above aa a desideratum See Cockburn's Life of Jefrey, 8v0, with portrait, A third and smaller being then iu his seventy-seventh year. has been worthily supplied by Lord Cockburn. 1852 (A. and C. Black), and which reached a second edition the same year. edition was issued in 1872.
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