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Kay's Originals Vol. 2


[ENTERED AT STATIONERS' HALL.1 Pn'nted & R. % R CLARK, Edinburgh.
Volume 9 Page iv
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ADVERT I S E ME N T. IN this volume is concluded the series of three hundred and sixty-one Portraits, drawn and engraved by the late JOHN KAY, of which, perhaps, it is not too much to say that it forms a collection quite unique both in character and extent. As in the case of the First Volume, there is no material alteration in the text, which, although wholly reset, follows in fact the order of the First Edition both as regards plates and pa-aination. The portrait of the great bibliopole, Archibald Constable, is added at the end of the series (before the Appendix), and supplies an important omission in the previous Edition. Though placed last, it is not the least of' the notable figures represented, Valuable indices are given to each Volume, both of the subjects portrayed and the numerous persons incidentally alluded to throughout the text. The latter will often be found to supply a clue to those who take a pleasure in tracing the origin of peat men and families, and in prying into the secrets of their ancestry. EDINBURGDHec, ember 1877 .
Volume 9 Page v
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