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296 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. the mark of approbation which he had this day received from the magistracy of the metropolis of his native country ; and if anything could add to it, it would be the very handsome terms in which that testimony had been conveyed to him by the Lord Provost, The healths of the Lord Chief Commissioner, and Charles Forbes, Esq., M.P. for Beverley, upon whom the freedom of the city was lately conferred, were also drunk ; and each of these gentlemen made suitable speeches in return. The Lord Provost then proposed the health of the city Member, to whose unremitting exertions, his lordship stated, together with those of the Right Hon. Lord Melville, the city of Edinburgh was entirely obliged for the late grant towards finishing the College. His health was drunk with the greatest enthusiasm. Lord Lynedoch begged leave to give a toast ; and after stating that he had not intended to have taken so much liberty with the company, he could not resist proposing the repetition of a toast given by that venerable warrior Prince Blucher, at a grand dinner given by the Duke of Wellington to all the high official characters now assembled in Paris, and by them received with the utmost applause-'' May the Ministers not lose by their pens, what the army has gained by their swords." During the latter period of his life, Sir John resided chiefly on his estate of Lees, and was much respected in the neighbourhood for his beneficence and many acts of kindness to the poor. He died on the 5th of February 1833, in the seventy-first year of his age, having been born in 1762-the same year with his Majesty George IT., whom he was said very much to resemble in certain points of feature and person. Sir John was succeeded by his second son,' William, on whose death the following year, the title and estates devolved on his son, John, a minor, who was born in 1830. No. CCLXX. REV. CHARLES SIMEON, M.A. OF TRINITY CHURCH, CANBRIDGE. THIS popular divine was born at Reading in 1759.' He was educated at Eton, and entered King's College, Cambridge, in 1779. Up to this period MR.S IMEOwNa s not in any way remarkable for piety. On the contrary, he has been frequently heard to say that he " was greatly addicted to the gaieties of Edward, the eldest son, died in India. a He was a younger brother of the late S i John Simeon, Bart., one of the Masten in chancery.
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