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134 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. looking over his manuscripts, with a view to publication after his death, they were found in a very imperfect state ; so much so, that he had evidently not been in the habit of committing to paper more than an outline of his discourses. A small but handsome monument, in the Greyfriars’ C,hurchyard, bears the following record of his worth :- “ A Tribute of admiration, affection, and regret, to the memory of the late REVERENDJ AMESS TRUTHERS, a man of superior understanding, intelligence, and worth ; whose talents and success, as a pulpit orator, were not excelled, and scarcely equalled, in the place and period which were honoured by his short but distinguished mortal existence. He was born at Glassford, on the 31st Oct. 1770 ; educated at the University of Glasgow ; ordained Minister of the First Relief Chapel (College Street), Edinburgh, 28th July 1791 ; and died 13th July 1807.” Mr. Struthers married a lady possessed of considerable fortune, of the name of Syme. By her he had six children, only two of whom survived-a son and daughter. The son, James Syme Struthers, D.D., was called to St. Andrew’s Church and parish, Georgetown, Demerara ; and the daughter married the Rev. George Burns, D.D., minister of the parish of Tweedsmuir, Peeblesshire. His youngest son, John Pitcairn Struthers, died at St. Andrews on the 2d May 1814. The widow of Mr. Struthers was afterwards married to Dr. Briggs, Professor in the University of St, Andrews. No. CCXVI. REV. MR. STRUTHERS. This Portrait of the Reverend gentleman was executed in 1801, ten years later than the former? The artist was one of the seat-renters of his Chapel. The Rev. Mr. French, his successor in the Chapel, ia the third in succession since the death of Mr. Struthers. He waa preceded by Mr. Smith and Mr. Limont, who are both dead.
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