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418 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. No. CLXV. ALLAN MACDOUGALL, ESQ. OF GLENLOCHAN, ALEXANDER WATSON, ESQ. OF GLENTURKIE, AND COLQUHOUN GRANT, ESQ. THESE gentlemen were intimate friends, and of one profession-Writers to the Signet. They are here represented in the prosecution of one of their many walks in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh, where, at some snug house of entertainment, they were regularly, at least once a week, in the habit of enjoying a social dinner together. ALLAN MACDOUGALL-the fir& of the trio-possessed the estate of Glenlochan, in Argyleshire. Philipsfield, near Leith, now belonging to a gentleman of the name of Boyd, was also his property. He resided at one period at the Nether Eow, and latterly in Tweeddale's Court, He married a sister of the late Lord Tweeddale, but had no family. Mr. Macdougall enjoyed an excellent business, and was Agent for the Commissioners of the Annexed Estates of Scotland. He was some time in partnership with hfr. George Andrew, who held the appointment of Clerk to the Pipe, in conjunction with Alexander Murray, afterwards Lord Henderland. The centre figure, ALEXANDER WATSON of Glenturkie, has already been noticed in the preceding Print. COLQUHOUN GRANT (the last and most prominent person of the group) and Mr. Watson were inseparable companions. Both gentlemen lived in " single blessedness ;" and, having few attractions at home, they were in the habit of dining daily together in the house of hfr. Thomas Sommers, vintner, Jackson's Close. There they were furnished with a plain warm dinner at the moderate charge of '' twa placks apiece ;" and so very frugal were they, that half a bottle of claret betwixt them-and no more-was their stated allowance. In those days there were no pint bottles, consequently they were under the necessity of corking up the remaining portion of liquor for next day's repast. These were what they called their 'L business delje.lint?s." Their dinners in the country were of a different description ; and the glass was permitted to circulate freely.
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