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Volume 8 Page 379
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BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. 371 brought him a very considerable sum. This he entered in Stationers’ Hall ; but as the law then only secured copyrights for seven years, at the end of that period he had the mortification to find his treatise inserted in the Encyclopda Rritannica, without permission sought or obtained. Mr. Wright was so much offended at this appropriation of his property, that he seriously contemplated bringing the case before the Court of Session ; but he was dissuaded from this step by his friend Mr. Erskine, who, in his usual strain of pleasantry, told him “just to wait the expiry of other seven years, and then to retaliate, by printing the whole of the Encyclopzedia along with his own work !” A short time prior to his demise Mr. Wright became so much reduced in his circumstances as to be compelled to apply for relief to the Faculty of Advocates, from whom he obtained an annuity of &50 per annum. He died in 1813.l He resided, about the year 1787, in Gavinloch’s Land; and subsequently removed to the New Assembly Close, also called the Commercial Bank Close. His lecture-room was at the head of the Old Assembly Close, No. CX THE REV. WILLIAM BEAT, MINISTER OF KILRENNY. THIS likeness of the Reverend Gentleman was taken from a drawing executed by himself, and communicated to the artist by Mr. Douglas, one of his friends. MR. BEAT was long pastor of the parish of Kilrenny, in the county of Fife, and died at the Manse there on the 2lst December 1797, in the eighty-seventh year of his age, and fifty-second of his ministry. A funeral sermon was preached at Kilrenny the Sabbath following by the Rev. Dr. Hill, principal of St. Mary’s College. The Principal described him to have been most exemplary in his conduct, and an effective preacher. “ The excellence of his matter, the strength of his nervous, pointed expression, the bold painting of character in which he abounded, the richness and variety of his fancy, chastised by a thorough acquaintance with theology, rendered him a very impressive preacher.” He was beloved by his parishioners, amongst whom he zealously discharged the duties of pastoral superintendence, and exercised a fatherly authority, which could alone spring from the deep interest he took in their welfare. The late Sheriff Anstruther met Henry Enkme the day after Wtight’s demise‘‘ Well, Harry, They say he has “ That is not surprising,” was the rejoinder ; “a8 he had no cawes, he could haw poor Johny Wright is dead.” left no effects.” no ej7ect.s.“ “Is he I ” answered Henry. “He died very poor.
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