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Volume 8 Page 261
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B I0 GRAPH I GAL S.KE T C HE S. 185 No. LXXVIII. THE MARQUIS OF HUNTLY, AFTERWARDS DUKE OF GORDON. THIS Print represents the MARQUISO F HUNTLYw,h en about the age of twentyone. His first entry on public life was by adopting the profession of arms, and in being appointed Captain of an independent company of Highlanders raised by himself in 1790. and with which he joined the 42d Regiment, or Royal Highlanders, the following year. Shortly afterwards, the regiment remained nearly a twelvemonth in Edinburgh Castle, during which period Kay embraced the opportunity of etching the “ Highland Chieftain.” In 1792 he entered the 3d Regiment of Foot Guards as Captain-lieutenant. In 1793, when orders were issued by his Majesty to embody seven regiments of Scottish fencibles, the Duke of Gordon not only raised the Gordon Fencibles, but the Marquis made an offer to furnish a regiment for more extended service. Early in 1794 he accordingly received authority for this purpose, and so much did the family enter into the spirit of constitutional loyalty, that, besides the Marquis, both the Duke and Duchess of Gordon “ recruited in their own person.” The result of such canvassing was soon manifest ; in the course of three months the requisite numbers were completed, and the corps embodied at Aberdeen on the 24th June. As a matter of course the Marquis was appointed Lieutenantcolonel Commandant. The first movement of the “ Gordon Highlanders” was to England, where they joined the camp at Netley Common, in Southamptonshire, and were entered in the list of regular troops as the 100th regiment. They were soon afterwards despatched to the Mediterranean, where the Marquis acconipanied them, and where they remained for several years. Leaving his regiment at Gibraltar, his lordship embarked on board a packet at Corunna, on his passage home ; but, after having been three days at sea, the vessel was taken by a French privateer, and the Marquis was plundered of every thing valuable : he was then He was born at Edinburgh on the 1st of February 1770. The daring exploit-a race on horseback, from the Abbey Strand, at the foot of the Canongate, to the Castle gate-betwixt the Marquis and another sporting nobleman, which occurred about this period, will be remembered by many of the inhabitants of Edinburgh. 2 B
Volume 8 Page 262
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