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Volume 8 Page 99
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BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. 69 parish. He still took a hearty glass ; as a proof of this, he drank an equal share of eight bottles of strong ale one evening with his limner and a friend. He at that period had a brother in life, only two years younger than himself, whose wife was then bearing children. One of his sons happening to be present, in the course of conversation asked the company ‘‘ What age they supposed him to be 1” From his juvenile appearance and ruddy complexion, they guessed him at thirty-four, and were not a little astonished when he informed them that he waa thirty years older ! No. XXXII. ANGEL0 TREMAMONDO, ESQ., RIDING-MASTER, AS his almost unpronounceable name indicates, was a native of Italy. He came to Edinburgh about the year 1768, and was the first public teacher of riding in Scotland, having been appointed “ Master of the Royal Riding Menage,” for which he had a salary from Government. The people of Scotland are proverbial for a hatred to long names; so in their hands Angelo dwindled down to plain (‘ Aimlie,” and Tremamondo was unceremoniously discarded. ‘I Ainslie ” lived in Nicolson Square, and was reputed to be wealthy, Having accidentally got a small piece of steel inta one of his eyes, nearly all the physicians in Edinburgh were consulted, but without effect. At last Tremamondo was directed to Miller, the famous oculist, who succeeded in restoring his sight; but, unfortunately for the Italian, he succeeded also in becoming his son-in-law very soon after. The Doctor, perhaps, loved Miss Tremamondo well enough, but it afterwards appeared he had likewise “cast an eye” on her papa’s purse; and, thinking that the old fellow did not “tell out” fast enough, a lawsuit was the unhappy consequence. Like all other lawsuits, where there is anything like a fat goose to be plucked, it waa carried on for a length of time with various success. Kay’s MS. mentions that when Tremamondo received the first summons from his friend of the lancet, he was transported into a regular tornado of passion. : He tore down a picture of his daughter which hung in the parlour, and, dashing it in pieces, threw it into the fire. While the old Italian and his son-in-law were thus pulling and hauling, the daughter, like a too sensitive plant, died of a “broken heart” Tremamondo died at Edinburgh, in April 1805, aged eighty-four. Of the Riding-Master‘s early history very little is known ; but from a work It might have been a mere monntebank name of his own assumption-it meam a trembling of the world-an universal earthquake.
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