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248 OLD AND NEW EDINBURGH. [Leith. This marriage is also referred to by Nisbet in his Heraldry,? Vol. I., so George Logan would seem to have been fortunate in out-rivalling the ?? ane-and-forty wooing at her.? The house was demolished, as stated, in 1840. ten patients and inmates, and has a revenue of A300 per annum. ? BLISSIT . BE. GOD . OF . HIS. GIFTES . 1601.I.K.S.H:? appears in a large square panel on an old house near the head of the Sheriff Brae; and nearly the same hvourite motto, with THE ANCIENT COUNCIL CHAMBER, COAL HILL. to make way for St. Thomas?s Church with its almshouses erected by Sir John Gladstone, Bart., of Fasque. It is clustered with a manse, schoolhouse, and the asylum, forming the whole into a handsome range of Gothic edifices, constructed at a cost off;ro,ooo, from a design by John Henderson, of Edinburgh. The asylum is a refuge and hospital for females afflicted with incurable diseases, and accommodates the date 1629, and the initials I.H., K.G., appears on the door lintel of another house, having a,square staircase in a kind of projecting tower, and a great chimney corbelled on its street front; but as to the inmates of either no record remains. The Leith Hospital, Humane Society, and Casualty Hospital are all located together now in Mill Lane, at the head of the Sheriff Brae-spacious edifices, having a frontage to the former of 150 feet;
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