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Leith.] THE OLD TOLBCTOTH. 229 During the persecution under the Duke of Lauderdale, Mr. John Gregg, who had been formerly minister at Skirling, in Peeblesshire, was apprehended and imprisoned in the Tolbooth for house of his that he died, was sentenced to be scourged on her bare back from the Tolbooth of Edinburgh to the Nether Bow, and from the Tolbooth of Leith to the door of Isabel Lesly, and from there to the brother-in-law at Leith Mills. Bass, to be detained there among many other sufferers for conscience the Bass for ? abusing and railing ?I at Mr. Thomas Wilkie, minister of North Leith, but in the May of the same year he was brought back to Leith, and thrust into the Tolbooth, where he lay for quired for service in Leith. In 1763, a thief, who was discovered in a peculiar manner, became, till tried, an inmate of this old prison, A Scottish sailor, who had served on board the In 1678, Fi :Ill c- - Hector Allan, - a Quaker seaman in Leith, TOLBOOTH wy TABLET OF THsee. In April, 1713, a prisoner named Jean Ramsay, who had dragged a weak and infirm man from his bed in the house of Isabel Lesly in Leith, near the South Church, and used him with such severity the water, and he found it to be his own. The subsequent inquiry did not prove pleasant to the half-drowned thief, who was forthwith taken into custody, and committed to the Tolbooth. By the beginning of the nineteenth century the
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