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356 OLD AND NEW EDINBURGH. [Lauriston. the most prominent edifice to the westward, and nearly opposite the head of Lady Lawson?s Wynd and the present cattle market, is Lauriston House, a large mansion, with a lodge and circular camage approach. Here, at Lauriston, in 17G3, died Sir erect thereon in immediate vicinity of the new infirmary, a vast edifice, with complete class-rooms, theatres, and museums, with all the latest scientific improvements, for the medical fxulty of the metropolitan university ; to re-organise the existing THOMAS SELSON. (From n sketch inpossession of the [email protected]) John Rutherford, baronet of that ilk, and the whole space between that house and Leven Lodge was covered by open fields and gardens, till after the beginning of the present century. Owing to the increasing necessity for the further accommodation at the old college, the Edinburgh University Buildings scheme was developed to purchase the sites of Park Place and Teviot Row, at the cost of abmt A33,ooo, and to class-rooms of the latter, and to improve them in direct adaptation to the wants of the several professors of arts, law, and theology; to provide increased and more convenient accommodation for the University Library ; and to erect a University Hall for the conferring of degrees, the holding of examinations, and for all public academical ceremonials. Trustees for this purpose were appointed, among
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