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Park Place.] THE SOUTHERN DISTRICTS. 345 attempt was made to have the royaltj. extended over all the southern suburbs of Edinburgh; but, as that was strenuously opposed, they were afterwards, by an Act of George 111. in 1771, divided into eight distrkts in the following manner :- I. The road leading from Bristo Street westward by Teviot Row and Lauriston, ?? to the Twopenny Custom? (in Old Toll Cross), to be called the district of Lauriston. been inscribed. Figures of two of these-Mozart and Beethoven-have been already painted by a Munich artist, and it is understood to be Sir Herbert?s hope that the remaining eight will be added. Towards the middle of the eighteenth century an with other thoroughfares leading into it, to be George Square district. IV. Nicolson Park, including the crossways intersecting it, from the Chapel Street to the Pleasance, and the street along the back of the City Wall from Potterrow to Pleasance, to be Nicolson Park district. V. The Cross Causeway, from the south end of the Potterrow to the east end of the said cause- 11. The streets of Bristo and Potterrow, from their two ports to where they join (near the General?s Entry), and the cross streets between them, to be the district of Bristo and Potterrow. 111. George Square, with Charles and Crichton Streets (exclusive of the corner house of the latter),
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