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30 EDINBURGH PAST AND PRESENT. Dr. James Momson of Glasgow, and others of simiIar mark and likelihood, used to hang upon his lips like bees on mountain flowers,-and SURGEONS’ mu,. there were a wild beauty and fragrance in his utterances! Passing from Nicolson Square through a pend, we come upon the Potterrow. Here stood a U.P. Church, where for a lengthened time preached Dr. John Ritchie, already referred to, whose sobriquet was VoIuntary John, a man of rare powers of humour, great readiness of speech, and marvellous activity, who moved through all Scotland like a meteor for several years advocating the Voluntary cause, and returned regularly on Saturday night to address his flock on the Sunday, as fresh and full as if he had never stirred from home. And not far from this we light on memorials of two much better known men of genius, Robert Burns and Thomas Campbell. On the east pavement of Potterrow Robert Bums used to pace, and look upward to a window in the west of the street, where lived Clarinda, his then goddess (interior and exterior views of whose house in General’s Entry: now taken down, are shown in the accompanying engravings). We don’t much admire this episode in the history of the Scottish Bard. His feeling to Mrs. Maclehose was neither love nor 1 General’s Entry derives its name from General Monk, who inhabited a house, now extinct, in the south-western corner.
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