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Volume 11 Page xx
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GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF EDINBURGH. BY THE REV. GEORGE GILFILLAN. THERaEr e various difficulties which press heavily upon a writer who ventures on such a task as the description of Edinburgh. There is the fact that it has been so often described before, and that, after a thousand able efforts to describe it, it remains, unless by Scott, undescribed and indescribable. There is the kindred fact that there are so many fine points of view, each of BANK OF SCOTLAND. which constitutes a beautiful fragment, but to piece a11 of which into a satisfactory whole-hic Cabor hoc ojus est/ To paint London is felt to be as impossible as to paint Chaos, but from the comparative smallness and compactness of Edinburgh it is always alluring the limner to try his hand on it-too often to his proper discomfiture and disgrace. It must, after all, be ~ - __ -__ A
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