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Volume 11 Page 32
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THE OLD TOWN. I9 Some one (Sir James Mackintosh perhaps) said of George Street, in the New Town, that the backwardness of the physicians (by their too retiring Sugeons’ Hall) and the forwardness of the clergy (by their too protuberant St. Andrew‘s Church) had spoiIed the finest street in Europe; but what comparison between George Street, with the proud pillar at one end and the prouder dome at the other, and the main street of the Old Town, which, when it soars, it is into a CastIe, and when it stoops, it is into a Palace 1 Entering the Queen’s Park at Holyrood, and passing St. Margaret’s Well, we reach St. Anthony’s Chapel, situated on a rocky eminence overlooking St. Margaret’s Loch and St. Anthony’s Well. Returning to the College, we may be permitted to take it, appropriately enough, as the starting-point for our brief excursus 02 the celebrities of the. Scottish Metropolis. Brief and general it must necessarily be. On the
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