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Volume 11 Page 22
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THE OLD TOWN. ‘5 partly by their striking contrast in character,-not to speak of the military atmosphere by which you feel yourself ‘surrounded, which somehow serves to complete the peace and to accent the harmony.-Then passing from the - faint shadow of war into the holy ground occupied by stately churches and church halls, where the memory of past conff icts and present estrangements ADVOCATES CLOSE. operates not here-as an element of disturbance to your feelings.-Thence penetrating a section of the genuine ‘Atild Reekie,’ with its memories of the Lawnmarket, the West Bow, and the Heart of Midlothian, and the house once occupied by John Knox,’-its bulky buildings, endless stories, and dark, steep, descending closes like the circles of Dante, but which remind us onIy 1 See. in theaccompanying illustration, the roomin which he died. with apeepof hisbedroom, while at the side-door stands a portion of the official staff of Cardinal Beaton, and the skull on the table is one of the three casts from the head of Robert the Brtia.
Volume 11 Page 23
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