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Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time


MEMORIALS O F EDINBURGH. - PART I. HISTORICAL ASSOCIATIONS. TO THE FRONTISPIECE OF ABAKUK mssm's BOOKE OF THE OLD YOXUYENTY OF SCOTLAXU. 'Twixt Was, and Ia, how varioua are the Ods ! What one man doth, another doth vndoe : One conaecrates Religious Workes to Gods, Another leoues sad Wrackes and Huines now. Thy Bqoke doth shew that such and such thinga were, But, would to God that it could say, They are. When I pererre the South, North, East, and Weat, And mark, alace, each Monument amia ; Then I conferre Tyrnes present with the past : I reade what was, but cannot Bee what is : ' I prayse thy Booke with wonder, but am sorie, To reade olde Ruines in a recent stork. Poetical Recreatk~ncsof Mr Akxandet Cmig, of Rase-Craig. Scoto Brdan. 1623.
Volume 10 Page xvii
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