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Kay's Originals Vol. 2


... V l l l INTR 0 DUCT ORY N 0 T ICE. of original Drawings by Kay, and from which I have been strongly urged to take Engravings, I may possibly be induced, at some future period, to publish as a SUPPLEMENT to the present Volumei It may be well here to state that, in accordance with an early formed resolution, I have throughout the Work been most careful to avoid whatever might prove offensive either politically or personally. This,,it will readily be conceived, from the nature of many of the subjects, was a task of no easy performance. I flatter myself, however, that I have so far succeeded in this respect as almost to disarm censure ; while in no instance am I aware of having stated facts without duly weighing the auaority upon which these are given. To have produced a work of similar magnitude, and of a description so diversified, entirely free from error, or beyond the reach of criticism, is what no one will pretend to j and I trust the utmost allowance will be conceded. HUGH PATON. EDINBURGDHe,c ember 1838.
Volume 9 Page vii
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