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BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. 393 one of the Senators of the College of Justice, and Anne Horn, heiress of Horn and Westhall, in Aberdeenshire ; and, by the death of his two elder brothers without issue, he ultimately succeeded to the estates of Horn and Westhall. In consequence of his marriage, in 1754, with Miss Elphinstone, heiress of Sir James Elphinstone of Logie, he obtained the estates of Logie, and assumed the name of Elphinstone. General Dalrymple was, on his death, succeeded by his eldest son, James, who married Miss Davidson, heiress of the estate of Midmar, but died without issue. The property then devolved on Captain Dalrymple. In 1800 he married Grahame, daughter of the late Colonel David Hepburn of Keith, by whom he had a large family. He was created a baronet on the 16th of January 1828. After his accession to the estates, Sir Robert was a steady resident proprietor, unambitiously, but not the less effectually, promoting the best interests of the country, by the influence of his presence and example in devoting his attention more exclusively to those of his own immediate locality. He was for seven years Convener of the County of Aberdeen ; and, as a landlord, long enjoyed the reputation of being one of the best and kindest. So much was he in the confidence of his tenantry, that they generally deposited their savings in his hands; and no instance was known of his ever having harassed any of them who might happen to be in arxears. The Print of the Captain and Miss Macdonald is highly illustrative of the fashions then prevailing in the bem mondd. MISS PENELOPE MACDONALD, a lady much celebrated for her handsomeness of figure, her beauty and accomplishments, was the youngest daughter of Ronald Macdonald of Clanronald. " Miss Penzie Macdonald," as she was familiarly called, was married at Edinburgh in March 1789 to William Hamilton of Wishaw, Esq., whose right to the Peerage of Belhaven was admitted, ten years afterwards, by the House of Peers. She left several children, of whom the late Lord Eelhaven (created in 1831 a British Peer by the title of Lord Hamilton), was the eldest. Her ladyship died on the 5th of May 1816. CCCIV. THE LOVERS. THIS Caricature of the CAPTAINa nd MISS MACDONAiLs Da retaliatory production, the artist's usual method of apologising to those who happened to be offended by his choice of a subject. VOL. 11. 3E
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