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36 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. them every morning in his carriage, which was one of the most splendid description, for an airing, attended by servants in gorgeous liveries; and these worthies-old-fashioned Presbyterian Whigs of the strictest kind-were infinitely gratified by the ‘‘ pomp and vanities ” with which they were surrounded. It would be very difficult to give an exact catalogue of Dr. Graham’s works. Such as we have seen are annexed. The list is far from complete. I. The General State of the Medical and Chirurgical Practice exhibited ; shewing it to be inadequate, ineffectual, absurd, and ridiculous. London, 1779. 12mo. This passed through several editions ; and an abstract was published at the small charge of Sixpence. 11. Travels and Voyages in Scotland, England, and Ireland-including a Description of the Temple of Health and Grand Electrical Apparatus, etc., which cost upwards of S12,OOO. London, 1783. 12mo. 111. Private Medical Advice to Ladies and Gentlemen-to those especially who are not blessed with children-sealed up, price One Guinea, alone, at the Temple of Health and of Hymen. The whole comprised in eight large folio pages. IV. The Christian’s Universal Prayer-to which are prefixed a Discourse on the Duty of Praying, and a Short Sketch of Dr. Graham’s Religious Principles and Moral Sentiments. V. Hebe Vestina’s Celebrated Lecture ; as delivered by her from the Electrical Throne, in the Temple of Health, in London. VI. A Discourse delivered on Sunday, August 17, 1783, in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh, by Dr. James Graham, of the Temple of Health in London, while he was, by the most cruel and most unlawful stretch of power, imprisoned there for a pretended libellous Hand-bill and Advertisement, which was said to be published by him, against the Magistrates of that City. Isaiah, chapter xl. verse 6-“All flesh is grass.” Edinburgh, 1783. 4to. VII. The Principal Grounds, Basis, Argument, or SOUL, of the New Celestial Curtain (or Reprehensory) Lecture, most humbly addressed to all Crowned Heads, Great Personages, and Others, whom it may concern. By James Graham, M.D. London, 1786. VIII. A New and Curious Treatise of the Nature and Effects of Simple Earth, Water, and Air, when applied to the Human Body : How to Live for many Weeks, Months, and Years, without Eating any thing whatever, etc. By James Crraham, M.D. London, 1793. Price 2s. 6d. Veatina, the “rosy goddess of health,” was a very beautiful female, who appeared on a pedestal at the lecture. She was, upon the 6th September 1791, married to Sir William Hamilton, E.B. 8he died at Calais in p a t pecuniary distress, 16th of January 1815.
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