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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. VI


$52 ? OLD AND NEW EDINBURGH. [Leith. remainder of the structure cannot be earlier than the close of the sixteenth century, and the date on the steeple, which closely resembles that of the old Tron church, destroyed in the great fire of 1824, 4?St. Ninian?s chapel still occupies its ancient site on the bank of the Water of Leith, but very little of the original structure of the good abbot remains : probably no more than a small portion of the basement wall on the north side, where a small doorway appears with an elliptical arch, now built up and .partly sunk in the ground. The There is a more modem addition to the new church, erected apparently in the reign of Queen Anne, and into it has beeeuilt a sculptured lintel, bearing in large Roman letters the legend :- present edifice on the old one, erected a parsonage, and in i 606 obtained an Act of Parliament erecting the district into a parish, named North Leith, which, even after the Reformation was achieved, had nu pastor in place of the old chaplain till 1599, when a Mr. James Muirhead was appointed to the ministry. is 1675.?? After the Reformation, when the chaplain?s house, the tithes, and other pertinents of the chaDei, - - ?BISSSED. AR. THEY. YAT. HEIR. YE. VORD. OF. GOD, AND. KEEP. 1600. were ?acquired by purchase- from John Bothieli the Protestant commendator of Holyrood, the new proprietors immediately rebuilt, or engrafted, the When erected into a parish Ehurch, it was endowed with sundry grants, including the neighbouring chapel and hospital of St. Nicholas.
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