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farswade.] CAPTAIN PHILIP LOCKHART. 357 was shot, and the other two performed the like to his body ;?then they were shot, and laid together, without a coffin, in a pit digged for the purpose. Which tragical scene being thus finished, Mr. Nairne and Mr. Lockhart were decently buried.?? (? Letter to a friend in the king?s camp,? Perth, Count Lockhart was succeeded by his son 1 7 1 5 ) turesqueness and romance to any in Scotland. The river seems all the way to be merrily frdicsome, and rushing along a shelving gradient, now hiding itself behind rocks and weeping wood, and making sudden, but always mirthful, transitions in its moods.? A few ancient and many modem mansions and villas stud the banks of the glen above the ancient ROSLIN CHAPEL :-INTERIOR. (A/& a Phtograph 6y G. W. Wiison & Co.) Charles. In the early years of the present century, Dryden was the property of George Mercer, a son of Mercer of Pittuchar, in Perthshire. In this quarter, on the north bank of the Esk, are the church and village of Lasswade, amid scenery remarkable for its varied beauty. The bed of the Esk lies through a deep, singularly romantic, long, and bold ravine, always steep, sometimes perpendicular and overhanging, and everywhere covered with the richest copsewood. ?? Recesses, contractions, irregularities, rapid and circling sinuosities, combine with the remarkably varied surface of its sides, to render its scenery equal in mingled picvillage of Lasswade, whose bridge spans the river, and the name of which Chalmers, in his ??Caledonia,?? believes to be derived from a ?? well-watered pasturage of common use, or Zaeswc, in Saxon a common, and iueyde, a meadow.? In an old Dutch map it is spelt Lesserwade, supposed to mean the opposite of Legenvood-the smaller wood in contrast to some greater one. The parish of Melville was added to that of Lasswade in 1633. In the time of James 111. the ancient Church of Lasswade was, by the Pope?s authority, detached from St. Salvador?s College at St Andrews, to .
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