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Hawthornden,] HAWTHORNDEN. 353 ROSLIN CHAPEL :-THE @' 'PRENTICE PILLAR." (From a Phtogra#h by G. W. WiAm Ct Co.) CHAPTER XLII. THE ENVIRONS OF EDINBURGH-(codinwed). Hawthornden-The Abernethys-The Drummonds-The Cavalier and Poet-The Cavern+Wallace's Cave and Camp-Count Lockhart's Monument-Captain Philip Lockhart of Dryden--Lauwade-The Ancient Church-The Coal Seams-"The Gray Brother "--soolt-De Quincey-Clerk of Eldin. HAWTHORNDEN, the well-known seat of the Drummond family, stands on the south bank of the North Esk, amidst exquisitely picturesque and romantic scenery. Constructed with reference to strength, it surmounts to the very edge a grey and almost insulated cliff, which starts perpendicularly up from the brawling river. There it is perched high in air amid a wooded ravine, through which the Esk flows between two walls of lofty and 141 abrupt rock, covered by a wonderful profusion of foliage, interwoven with festoons of ivy-a literal jungle of mosses, ferns, and creepers. The greatest charm of the almost oppressive solitude is due to the bold variety of outline, and the contrast of colour, which at every spot the landscape exhibit. On the summit of that insulated rock are still the ruins of a fortalice of unknown antiquity4 vaulted tower, fifteen feet square internally, with
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