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Riccarton.1 SIR THOMAS CFLAIG. 321 Riccarton, with those of Warriston, in the barony of Currie, were given by royal charter to Marion of Wardlaw, and Andrew her son, and have had many proprietors since then. In the Privy Council Register we find that in 1579 the Lairds of Brighouse and Haltoun became referred in the account of his town residence in Wamston?s Close. He was born at Edinburgh about 1538, and in 1552 was entered as a student at St. Leonard?s College in the University of St. Andrews, which he quitted three years subsequently, after receiving his degree of Bachelor of Arts COL\?TO?. bound in caution, that the former shall pay ?to Harie Drummond of Riccartoun, LIOO on Martinmas next, the 11th November, in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh, for behoof of William Sandeland and Thomas Hart,? whom he had hurt and mutilated, ?I or else shall re-enter himself as a prisoner in the said Tolbooth, on the said day.? During the middle of the sixteenth century Riccarton became the property of the famous feudal lawyer, Sir Thomas Craig, to whom we have 137 He next studied at the University of Pans, and became deeply versed in Civil and Canon laws. Returning to Scotland about 1561, he was called to the bar three years afterwards, and in 1564 was made Justice-Depute. In 1566, when Prince James was born in Edinburgh Castle, he wrote a Latin hexameter poem in honour of the event, entitled GenethZiacon Jacobi Prinn$is Soforum, which, with another poem on his departure, when king, for England, is inserted in
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