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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. VI


Newhaven] FISHER SUPERSTITIONS. 305 polis of an ancient kingdom, this people remain unlucky ; of hares, terrible ! Should a reference - in costume, and dialect in manners (?the man in the black coat ;?- .and Friday is an and mode of thinking. The cus- unlucky day for everything but getting married; toms, laws, and traditions of their forefathers I and?to talk of a certain man named Brounger appear as if they had been stereotyped for their use.? They believe in many of the whimsical and ideal terrors of past generations, and have many superstitions that are not, perhaps, entirely their own. While at sea, if the idea of a cat or a pig float across the mind, their names must not be uttered, -* e 135 - is-according to the writer quoted-sure to produce consternation. John Brounger was an old fisherman of Newhaven, who, when too feeble to go to sea, used to ask for some oysters or fish from his neighbours on their return, and if not amply supplied, he cursed them, and wished them-on their next trip-?? ill
Volume 6 Page 305
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