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300 OLD A,ND NEW EDINBURGH. [Newhaven. Anne in 1712, lost the office on the accession of the House of Hanover, and, dying without heirs, in 1728, the title became extinct. We read of a ropework having been established here about the period of the Revolution (very likely on the site of the old one, formed by Tames IV. for his dockyard), by James Deans, Bailie of the Canongate, and one of his sons, who, however, were compelled to discontinue it for want of encouragement. In November, 1694, another ~ Prestonpans about the right to certain oyster beds, which the former claimed as tacksmen of the metropolis, and many conflicts in the Forth ensued between them.? One of them is recorded in the Gentleman?s Magazine, under date March 2 znd, I 788, thus :- ? On Wednesday a sharp contest took place at the back of the Black Rocks, near Leith Harbour, between a boat?s crew belonging to Newhaven and another belonging to Prestonpans, occasioned by MAIN STREET, NEWHAVEN. of his sons, Thomas Deans, ? expressed himself as disposed to venture another stock in the same work, at the same place or some other equally convenient, provided he should have it endowed with the privileges of a manufactory, though not to the exclusion of others disposed to try the same business. His wishes were complied with by the Privy In the year 1710, ? Evan Macgregor, of Newhaven,? entailed all his lands there, as appears from Shaw, the date of tailzie being given as August, 1705. In the latter years of the eighteenth century a regular feud-and a very bitter one-existed between the fishermen of Newhaven and those of . Council.?? the latter?s dragging oysters on the ground laid claim to by the former. After a severe conflict for about half an hour with their oars, boat-hooks, etc., the Newhaven men brought in the Prestonpans boat to Newhaven, after many being hurt on both sides. This is the second boat taken from them this season.? In 1790 the quarrel took a judicial form, after five fishermen of Prestonpans had been imprisoned for dredging oysters near Newhaven, in defiance of an interdict issued by the Judge- Admiral. ?? For more than a year past,? it was stated, ?? a case has been pending in the Court of Admiralty between sundry fishermen in Newhaven, as tacks
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