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ST. MARGARET?S CONVENT. 45 White House Loan. rare and valuable portraits, including some of the Stuart family, and one of Cardinal Beaton, on the Vhite House, was returned as heir to his father, James Chrystie, of that place, in the parish of St. Cuthbert?s. But in the early part of the last century it had passed to a family named Davidson, as shown by the Valuation Roll in 1726. In 1767 it was the residence of MacLeod of MacLeod, when his daughter was married to Colonel Pringle of Stitchell, M.P.; and in this mansion it has been said Principal Robertson wrote his ?History of Charles the Fifth.? Here also, April, 1820, John Home wrote his Dr. Blair his ?? Lectures.? ?? We give this interesting information,? says the editor, ?on the authority of a very near relation of Dr. Blair, to whom these particulars were often related by the Doctor with great interest.? .the first Catholic convents erected in Scotland since the Reformation-a house of Ursulines of Jesus, and dedicated to St. Margaret, Queen of Scots, having a very fine Saxon chapel, the chef dEuvre of Gillespie Graham. It was opened in Jme that year, according to the Edinburgh Ohme-, a now extinct journal, and the inaugural Douglas,? and I On this edifice was engrafted, in 1835, one of? et Regent du Royaume a?Ecosse, CaPlIilld et Legat a iaterc, fut massacri pour la foy en 1546.? It is believed to be a copy by Chambers from the original at St. Mary?s College, Blairs. The most of the nuns were at first French, under a Madame St. Hilaire. On the same side of the Loan are the gates to the old mansion of the Warrenders of Lochend, called Bruntsfield or Warrender House, the an- I cestral seat of a family which got it as a free gift from the magistrates, and which has been long connected with the civil history and municipal affairs of the city-a massive, ancient, and dark edifice, with small windows and crowstepped THE GRANGE CEMETERY.
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