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ing goods. He accused Edinburgh of an unreasonable jealousy of its seaport, and invited the inhabitants of that city ?to descend from their proud hill into the more fruitful plains (of Leith?) to be filled with the fa.tness and fulness thereof.? at the same time the Trained Bands of Leith mustered in arms to attend the great military funeral of the Marquis of Montrose. In 1667 the Englishfleet ofsir Jeremiah Smythe, a brave admiral who afterwards defeated the Dutch, to find-if Mr. Tucker?s report be a true one-that all the shipping in ? the principal port of Scotland? consisted only of some twelve or fourteen vessels, ?? two or three whereof are of only two or three hundred tons apiece, the rest small vessels for carrying salt.? At the Restoration orders were given to destroy the citadel ; but these were not put in force, and Scottish flag. The guns of the Castle, Leith, and Burntisland, responded. The admiral was in search of the Dutch fleet under Van Ghendt, which had been in the Firth a few days before, menacing Edinburgh and Leith. In March, 1679, the constables of South and North Leith, in common with those of the city and Canongate, ? and who11 suburbs of the good town
Volume 5 Page 188
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