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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. IV


Manor Place.] HAYMARKET STATION. 213 A shot fired from the belfry apprised the multi- &de far down below of the close of the ceremony, and immediately the choir, along with other officials of ?the church in surplices stationed in the garden, sung the hymn ?Praise ye the Lord, ye Heavens in the nave and clerestory bear the arms of many ancient Scottish families, Away to the westward of the quarter we have described, at the delta of the old Glasgow and Dalry roads, where for several generations stood ST. MAPY7S CATHEDRAL, INTERIOR VIEW. (Fpom a Phofosrnph by G. W. Wikm ad Co., ACrdem.) by the Lord Provost. Sir Gilbert Scott did not live to see the completion of this cathedral, which is one of the many lasting monuments of his skill as an architect. Among the gifts to the cathedral are a peal of ten bells presented by Dean Montgomery ; the great from Glasgow by wings upon the two roads, formed a junction and halted, while the officers had breakfast or dinner before pushing on to the Castle by the Lang Dykes and latterly by Princes Street and , the Earthern Mound-is the Haymarket Railway Station, the first or original terminus of the Edin
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