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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. IV


212 OLD AND NEW EDINBURGH, [Manor Place veins, and k placed on a pedestal of three steps; the basin, which is supported by four red marble columns, shows in carved panels round its sides the ark, dove, fishes, and a floriated cross. The cathedraL before its comDletion, was opened streets. In attendance .upon the bishop were the Lord Provost, Lord Teignnlouth, and others, The senior and junior chaplains of the cathedral, together with the clerk of works, ascended the spire to place the stone and cross in position with for service on ;he 25th of JaAuary, 1879, by the I certain religious rites-from its vast height a some- ST. MARY?S CATHEDRAL, EXTERIOR VIEW. Right Rev. Henry Cotterill, Episcopal bishop of Edinburgh, in presence of a great congregafion assembled in the nave, and consecrated 30th October, 1879. On the 9th of June, 1879, the copestone and finial cross of the great central spire were placed in position with befitting ceremony, in presence of a vast assemblage of ladies and gentlemen in the cathedral grounds, and even in the adjacent what perilous and difficult task for these gentlemen to undertake. They spread the mortar, and the copestone and cross, which were fifteen feet in height and about a ton in weight, were lowered into position by tackle; the Rev. Mr. Meredith tapped them with a niallet and declared them to have been duly laid ?in the name of the Slessed Trinity.? The company aloft then joined in the doxology.
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