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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. IV


Volume 4 Page 390
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CONTENTS. ix CHAPTER XLII. JAURISTON. The New UniveAity Buildmgs-The Estimates and Ammmodation-George Watsods HospitaI-Fonnded-Opencd and Sold-The New Royal Infirmary-Its Capabilities for Accommodation-Simpn Memorial Hospital-Sii children?s Hospital-Merchant Maiden H a s p i t a l - W ~ n ? s S c h w ~ ~ s t o n U n i t e d P r r s b ~ ~ h u r c h - S ~ C p t h u i m ? s ~ ~ . . . - . - . .355 CHAPTER XLIII. GEORGE HERIOT?S HOSPITAL AND THE GREYFRIARS CHURCH. Norice o f h r g e Heriot-Dies Childless-His Wd--The Hospital founded-Its Pmgrcss-The Marter Masons--Opmed-Number of Scholars-Dr. Ralcanquall-Alterations-The EdificcThe Amhit- of it-Heriot?s Day and Inht Schools in the City-Luudi?s Balloon Ascent-Royal Edinburgh Volunteers-The Heriot Breweryald Greyfriars Church-The Cwcnant-The Cromwellii-The Coveuanting Prisoners-The Martyr?s Tomb-New Greyfriars-Dr. Wallace--I)I. RobeWn-Dr. E r s k i n 4 l d Tombs in the Church -Grant by Queen Marg-Morton Interred-State of the Ground in 177pThe Gravea of B u c k and others-Roneo from SL Giles?s Church - . . . . , . . . . , . . . . . . . - . .36j ERRATA. Page 135 col I, lines 3,+ from foot, for ?he preached on the death of Dr,,? k, read ?preached at hi4 Page 145 col. 2, delete lines 14 to 25 tium top. Page I#, col. I, delete Lines 3 to 6 from top. Page 156, COL a, line 10 from foot, for ? w? read ?is? Page 158, col. I, lie 13 from top, for ?? 1876? read 4? 1871.- Page 168, col. I, line 22 from top, for ?was till 1879 ? read ? is.? Page 168, COL i, line 31 from top, for ?now? read ?was till 1879.- Page ~m col. 2, line 4 from top, for ? Provident Institntion,? read ?Scottish Union and National Insuranc- z Company;? and for ?6?read ?47, George Street, and24 st. Andrew Squan, these two companies having been amalgamated in 1879.? Page 171, col. I, line 10 from top, for ?west ? read ?( east.? Page r71, col. I, l i e 12 from top, for I? Provident Institntion I* read ?Scottish Unim and National Insuranc- z Company.? Page 172. The engraving repmnts the ?Scottish Union and National Iosurancc Company? and not the ?Scottish Provident Institution.? Nom-Mr. Hugh James Ro110, W.S., factor for the Walker trustees, Mites:-?At page 1x1 it is IC. presented that a capital of &mow was bequeathed by the Mims Walker for the erection d S t . Mary?s Cathedral, whereas the amount of personal estate left was about ,&&,om, besides heritage very valuable for feuing purposes, which at the death of Miss Mary Walker yielded an income of about .44,om a year. The income at preseat is about .46,504 the first charge on which is a sum of f;1,4oo for stipends to clergy of the cathedral, bursaries to students, and allowance to the poor of the cathedral. Then there is a sum of & I , X ~ to be anndly set aside for thirty year4 to repay part of the cost of the cathedral, and the interest on this &minish;ng loam The surplus income is at the d e of the trustees for behoof of the Episcopd Church in Scotland, the City of Edinburgh having always a p?cf- The ultimate income will be about L8,om a yeu.? death by Dr.,? &c.
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