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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. IV


iv .OLD AND NEW EDINBURGH. CHAPTER VIII. HOLYROOD ABBEY (mnrZu&d). PAGE Charter of W X i I.-Trial of the Scottish TemplarsPrendergast?s Reveng-ters by ROM 11. and 111.-The Lord of the Isles --Coronation of Jams IL-Muliaper of Jam- 11. and III.-Church, &c, burned by the English-Plundered by them-Its Restoration by Jam- VII.-The Koyal Vault-Dexription of the Chapel Royal-Plundered at the Revolution-Ruined in r+The West Front-The Belhaven Monument--The Churchyard-Extent of Present Ruin-The Sanctuary-The Abbey Bells . . . . 50 CHAPTER ,IX. HOLYROOD PALACE. First Notice of its History-Marriage of James 1V.-The Scots of the Days of Flodden-A Bnwl in the Palace-James V.?s Tower-The Gudeman of Ballengeich-His MarriageDeath of Queen Magdalene-The Council of November, 192-A Standing h y Proposed- The Muscovite Ambarradon Entermined by the Queen Regent . . - . . . . . , . . . . . . 60 CHAPTER X. HOLYROOD PALACE (continued). . Queen Mary?a Apartments-Her Arrival in Edinburgh-Riot in the Chapel Royal-?The Queen?s Manes?-Interview with Knox- Mary?s Marriage with Darnley-The Podtion of G o - T h e Murder of Rizrio-Burial of Darnley-Marriage of Mary and Bothwell- Mary?s Last Visit to Holyd-Jams VI. and the ? Mad? Earl of BothweU-Baptism of the Queen of Bohemia and Charles I.- Taylor the Water-poet at Holyrood-Charles I.?s Imprisonment-Palace Burned and Re-built-The Palace before 165eThe F?resent Palace-The Quadrangle-The Galluyof the Kings-The Tapestry-The Audiepce-Chamber . . . . . . . . . 66 . CHAPTER XI. HOLYROOD PALACE (comZu&dJ. The King?s Birthday in 166~-Jams Duke of Alhany-The Duchess of Alhany and General Dabell-Funeral of the Duke of Rothes- A Gladiatorial Exhibition-Depamuc of the Scottish Household Troops-The Hunters? Company?s Balls-First and Second Via of the p y a l Family of France-Recent Impropunents-St. h e ? s Yard removed-The Ornamental Fountain built . . , 74 . . . . CHAPTER XII. THE MOUND. The North Loch used for Sousings and DuckinPThe Boats, Swans, Ducks, and Eels-Accidents in the Loch-Last Appearance of the Loch-Formation of the Mound--? Geordie Boyd?s Mud Brif-The Rotunda-Royal Institution-Board of Manufactures-History of the Board-The Equivalent Money-Sii J. Shaw Lefenr?s Report-School of Design-Gallery of Sculpture-Royal Society of Edinburgh-Museum of Antiquities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 CHAPTER XIII. THE MOUND (conduded). The Art Galleries-The National Gallery-The Various Collections-The Royal Scottish Academy-Early Scottish Artists-The Institntion- The First Exhibition in Edinburgh-Foundation of the Academy-Presidents : G. Watson, Si Wdliam Allan, Si J. W. Gordon, Sir Carge Harvey, Si Daniel Macnee-The Spaldmg Fund , . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 - CHAPTER XIV. THE HEAD OF THE MOUND. The Bank of Scotland-Its Charter-%dry of the Royal Bank Notes for L5 and for *-The New Bank of Scotland-Its Present Aspect -The Projects of Mr. Trotter and Sir Thomas Dick Lauder-The National Security Savings Bank of Edinburgh-The Fm Church College and Assembly Hall-Their Foundation-Constitution-Library-Museum-B and Theological Societies-The Dining Hall, &.-The West Princes Street Gardens-The Proposed Canal and Seaport-The East F?rince~ Street . Gardens-Railway Terminus-Waverley Bridge and Market . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . 93
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