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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. IV


OLD AND - NEW EDINBURGH. [Greyfriars Church
Volume 4 Page 376
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Greyfriars Church.] PERSECUTION OF THE COVENANTERS. 371 guards, and a few, driven almost mad, achieved their escape, but many died. All this, at the hands of their own countrymen, these poor people had to endurethe stubborn Scottish peasant, with his pride and rectitude of heart, his tender, it might be weak and ailing wife, with his infants and his aged parents. to administer to the wants of the prisoners there was one lady who was wont to come attended by a young daughter possessed of considerable personal attractions. Periodically they came to the iron gate with food and raiment, collected among the charitable, and between the young lady and one of the A ROYAL EDINBURGH VOLUNTEER. (p?W7?J a Print Of tk Psriod.) Some who signed a bond never to take up arms against the Government were released ; others found rest amid the graves on which they lay; the remainder, to the number of two hundred and fifty-seven, were sent to be sold as slaves in Barbadoes, Jamaica, and New Jersey, but many were drowned at sea ? From the gloom of this sad story there is shed one ray of romance,? says Chambers, in his ?? Traditions.? Among the sympathising people who dared B6 younger captives an attachment sprang up. Doubtless she loved him for the dangers he had dared, and he loved her because she pitied them. In happier days, long after, when their constancy had been well tried by an exile which he suffered in the plantations, this pair were married and settled in Edinburgh, where they had sons and daughters. A respectable elderly citizen,? adds Chambers, ?? tells me he is descended from them? After the Duke of Albany and York came, as
Volume 4 Page 377
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