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368 OLD AND NEW EDINBURGH. [Heriot?s Hospital.
Volume 4 Page 368
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Heriot's Hospital.] THE GATEWAY. 369 , nished by Inigo Jones; and yet, as a whole, the building is remarkable for its bold beauty and symmetry. The windows are two hundred in number, and richly ornamented with curious devices j and nothospital regular and uniform, and for the more easy finishing and completing thereof, they give warrant and order, to the present treasurer, to finish and complete the south-west quarter of the said hospital with a platform roof, in the same way and manner THE CHAPEL, HERIOT'S HOSPITAL. as the north-east and north-west quarters thereof are covered ; and with all conveniency to take down the pavilion turret in the north-west quarter, and to rebuild and cover the same with a platform roof, regularly with the other three quarters of the fabric." Prolix as this quotation may be, it seems,with the other references to Wallace, Aytoun, Donaldson, and Brown, as master masons and architects, that any uniform design could never have been fur- 95 withstanding that there are so many, no two are to be found precisely similar. The hospital is quadrangular, and measures externally 162 feet each way, and 94 each way in the court, which is paved; it has on the 'north and east sides a piazza six feet and a half broad. Over the gateway, which is on the north side, facing the Grassmarket, is a tower projecting from the main line, surmounted by a small dome and lantern, provided with a clock. The corners of
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