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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. III


down the street, reached Holyrood, where he sought sanctuary in the chapel of St. Augustine; there his English pursuers found him on his knees before the altar. WEST FRONT OF HOLYROOD ABBEY CHUKCH. ever intent on revenge, joined Sir William Douglas, the Black Knight of Liddesdale, whose forces lay in the fastnesses of Pentland Muir. From there one night he led the Liddesdale men, tion, violate the sanctuary, they set a guard upon ! the then open and unwalled city, attacked the the church, resolving to starve him into surrender ; i English, and left 400 of them dead in the streets. but fortunately for Robert Prendergast, the monks .of Holyrood were loyal to their king, and thinking probably an Englishman less in the world mattered :little from a Scottish point of view, they conveyed to him provisions every night unseen by the guard, For twelve days and nights he lurked by the altar *of St. Augustine, until, disguised in a monk?s cowl ;and gown, he effected an escape; and more than Sir William Douglas re-captured the fortress in the following year. In 1370 David 11. was interred with every solemnity before the high altar, the site of which is now in the Palace Garden. It was inscribed, ?UiC Rex sub Zapide Davici izditus af tumukrfus,? as given by Fordun. On the 18th of January, 1384-5, Robert IL,
Volume 3 Page 53
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