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?? are decayit, and made some sheep-folds, and some sa ruinous that none dare enter into thame for fear of falling, especially Halyrud HOUS, althocht the Bishop of Sanct Androw?s, in time of Papistry, INTERIOR OF THE CHAPEL ROYAL OF HOLYROOD HOUSE, 1687- (AflW Wyck a d p. Mad;.) abbacy in favour of his son before 1583, and died in 1593. He was interred near the third pillar from the south-east corner, on the south side of the church. up and repairt.? To this Bothwell answered that the churches referred to had been pillaged and ruined before his time, especially Holyrood I Church, ?quhilk hath been thir tnintie yeris 1 bygane ruinous through decay of twa principal pillars, sa that none wer assurit under it,? and that two thousand pounds would not be sufficient for 24th February, 1581, and was a Lord of Session in 1593. In 1607 part of the abbey property, together with the monastery itself, ,vas converted into a temporal peerage for him and his heirs, by the title of Lord Holyroodhouse. John Lord Bothwell died without direct heirs male, and though the title shouldhave descended to his brother
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