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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. III


alowing each 20 lbs. weight,.and all above to pay 6d. per lb. The coach sets off at six in the morning. Performed by Henry Hamson, Nich. Speighl, Rob. Garbe, Rich. Croft? When we consider the cost of food on a thirteen THE CANONGATE-CONTINUATIOK EASTWARD OF PLAN ON PAGE 5. (From Cordon of Rofhiemy?s Mn.4.) 8, Moray House; 30, Canongate Cross; 32, Canongate Tolbooth. Canongate, every other Tuesday. In the winter to set out from London and Edinburgh every other Monday morning, and to go to Burrowbridge on Saturday night ; and to set out from thence on Monday morning, and to get to London and Edinof Anne and Victoria seems great indeed. In July, 1754, the Ertinburgh Courant advertises the stage-coach, drawn by six horses, with a postillion on one of the leaders, as ?a new, genteel, two-end glass machine, hung on steel springs; exceeding light and easy, to go in ten days in summer and twelve in winter,? setting out from Hosea Eastgate?s, at the Coach and Horses, Dean Street, Soho, and from John Somerville?s, in the parcels, according fo their vahe.? A few years before this move in the way of progress, the Canongate had been the scene of a little religious persecution; thus we find that on a Sunday in the April of 1722 the Duchess Dowager of Gordon, Elizabeth Howard, daughter of the Duke of Norfolk, venturing to have mass celebrated at her house in the Canongate for herself and some fifty other Roman Catholics, Bailie Hawthorn,
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