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Bmghton.] The new Catholic and Apostolic church, a conspicuous and spacious edifice, stands north of all those mentioned at the corner of East London Street. It was founded in November, 1873, and opened with much ceremony in April, 1876. It is in a kind of Norman style, after designs by R. Anderson, and measures zoo feet long, is 45 feet in height to the wall-head, and 64 to the apex EAST LONDON STREET. of the internal roof. It comprises a nave, chancel, and baptistry. The nave measures IOO feet in length, by 45 in breadth; is divided into five bays, marked externally by buttresses, and has at each corner a massive square turret surmounted by a pinnacle rising as high as the 1;dge of the roof. The chancel measures 614 feet, and communicates with the nave. PICARDY VILLAGE AND GAYFIELD HOUSE. (Aft# CkrR of Ekiin.) CHAPTER XXVI. THE NORTHERN NEW TOWN. Picardy Place-Lords Eldm and Craig - Si David Milne-John Abetnumbie-Lard Newton-Commissionex Osbome-St. Paul's Church- St. George's Chapel-Willii Douglas, Artist-Professor Playfair-General Scott of Bellevue-Drummond P k c d . K. Sharpc of Hoddam --Lord Robertson-Abercrombic Place and Heriot Row-Miss Femer-House in which H. McKenAe died-Rev. A. Aliin-Great King Street-% R. Christison--Si W illiam Hamilton-Si William Ab-L-ard Colonsay, &c. THE northern New Town, of which we now propose to relate the progress and history, i; separated from the southern by the undulating and extensive range of Queen Street Gardens, which occupy a portion of the slope that shelves down towards the valley of the Water of Leith. It is also in a parallelogram extending, from the quarter we have just been describing, westward to , 72 the Queensferry Road, and northward to the line of Fettes Row. It has crescental curves in some of its main lines, with squares, and is constructed in a much grander style of architecture than the original New Town of 1767. Generally, it wqs begun about 1802, and nearly completed by 1822. In the eastern part of this parallelogram are Picardy Place, York Place, Forth and Albany Streets,
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