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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. III


OLD AND NEW EDINBURGH. cst. Andrew Sq- ST. ANDREW SQUARE, The Royal Eank of Scotland. The Scottish Provident Institution. The British Linen Company's Rank The Scottish Widows' Fund Office. CHAPTER XXIII. CHAR L 0 T T E S (2 U X R E. Charlotte Square-Its Early Occupants-Sir John Sinclair, Bart.-Lamond of that Ilk-Sir Williarn Fettes-Lord Chief Commissioner Adam- Alexander Dirom-St George's Church-The Rev. Andrew Thornson-Prince Consort's Memorial-The Parallelogram of the first New Town. CHARLOTTE SQUARE, which corresponds with that of St. Andrew, and closes the west end of George Street, as the latter closes the east, measures about 180 yards each way, and was constructed in 1800, after designs by Robert Adam of Maryburgh, the eminent architect ; it is edificed in a peculiarly elegant and symmetrical manner, all the fasades corresponding with each 0the.r. In 1874 it was beautified by ornamental alterations and improvements, and by an enclosure of its garden area, at a cost of about d3,000. Its history is less varied than that of St. Andrew Square. During the Peninsular war No. z was occupied by Colonel Alexander Baillie, and therein was the Scottish Barrack office. One .of the earliest OCCUpants of No. 6 was Sir James Sinclair of Ulbster,
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