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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. III


quish their comfortable- stipends, their pleasant manses, and present advantages of position. which had been sanctioned by Her Majesty's Government and by the Legislature." After reading of the Queen's High Commissioner and a brilliant assemblage of spectators, the Assembly met, while a vast multitude thronged the broad area of George Street, breathlessly awaiting the result, and '' prepared to see the miserable show of eight or ten men voluntarily sacrificing themselves to what was thought a fantastic principle." When the time came for making up the roll of members, Dr. Welsh rose, and said that "he must seventy-two elders, he left his place, followed first by Dr. Chalniers and other prominent men, till the number amounted to four hundred and scveng, who poured forth along the streets, where general astonishment, not unmingled with sorrqw, admiration, and alarm, prevailed. When Lord Jeffrey was told of it, an hour after, he exclaimed, " Thank God for Scotland ! there is not another country on earth where such a deed
Volume 3 Page 145
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