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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. III


Canongate.1 GOVERNMENT OF THE BURGH. 3 {oundation charter of the latter, I likewise grant go the said canons the town of Herbergare, lying betwixt the said church, and my town (of Edinmunity had been swept away by the Reformatioa ; and by the king?s grant a commendator succeeded the last abbot, enjoying the privileges of the latter, According to the record books of the Canongate, it was governed in 1561 by four old bailies, three deacons, two treasurers, and four councillors, ?chosen and elected;? and, as enacted in 1567, the council met every eighth day, on fuirsdaye. The Tolbooth was then, as till a late period, the council-room, court-house, and place of punishunent By 1561 the monastic superiority over the combut the real glory of the Canongate may be said to have departed with the court when James VI. succeeded to the throne of England in 1603, though, as we shall show, it long continued to be a fashionable quarter of the metropolis even after the time of the Union. In pursuing the general history of the suburbs, we find that in 1609, under favour of James VI., when a number of foreigners were introduced into
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