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High Street.7 BAILIE FULLERTON. 277 says, after they heard the explosion at the Kirk-offield, ?thai past away togidder out at the Frier Yet, and sinderit when thai came to the Cowgate, pairt up the Blackfriar Wynd and pairt up the cloiss which is under the Endmylie?s Well.? On the east side of the Close, and opposite to the house of Bassandyne the printer, one with a hideous in the eyes of the reformers, ?playing a Robin Hood,? as we have related in our account of the Tolbooth, and would have hanged him therefor, had not the armed trades made themselves fairly masters of the city. In January, 1571, he sat as Comniissioner for the City in the General Assembly which met at TWEEDDALE HOUSE. highly ornamented double doorway, was themansion of Adam Fullerton, a man of great note in his time, and an active coadjutor of the early reformers. The northern door lintel had the legend- V in Vwa ca. ONLY. BE. CRYST-ADAM FVLLERTON. Tm. and the southem- He was one of the Bailies of Edinburgh in 1561, who, with the Provost, committed to ward the craftsman who had been guilty of that enormity so ARIS. 0. LORD-MAIRIORIE.ROGER. 1573. Leith, and in the summer of the same year he was made captain of two hundred armed citizens, who formed themselves into a band or company, and joined the forces of the Regent in that seaport, for which he was denounced as a traitor to his @een ; and by an act of the Estates, sitting in the Tolbooth, and presided over on the 18th of August by the Duke of Chatelherault, many rebels to the Queen, ? forrnost among whom is Adam Fullerton,? were declared to have forfeited their lives, lands, goods, 1 and coats of arms. . His house in the Fountain
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