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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. II


High Street.] LORD Justice Clerk in 1748, who long occupied two flats on the west side of the square, the back windows of which overlook the picturesque vista of Cockburn Street, and the door of which was among the last that displayed the ancient riq. This cadet of the loyal and ancient house of ALVA. 23 7 Wily old Simon Lord Lovat, of the ?45, who was perpetually involved in law pleas, frequently visited Lord Alva at his house in Mylne?s Square ; and the late Mrs. Campbell of Monzie, his daughter, was wont to tell that when Lord Lovat caught her in the stair ?he always took her up I ? MYLNE?S SQUARE. Mar was born in 1680, and died in 1763. Before the nse of the new city, it affords us a curious , glimpse of the contfnted life that such a legal dignitary led in those days, when we find him happy during winter in a double flat, in this obscure place, and in summer at the little villa of Drumsheugh, swept away in 1877, and of which no relic now remains, save the rookery with its old trees in Randolph Crescent. in his arms and kissed her, to her horror-he was In this mansion in Mylne?s Square Lord Alva?s two step-daughters, the Misses Maxwell of Reston, were married; one, Mary, became the Countess of William Earl of Sutherland, a captain in the 56th Foot, who, when France threatened invasion in 1759, raised, in two months, a regment among his own clan and followers; the so ugly.?l
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