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for their stature and camage, all dressed in the splendid, though formal, fashions of that ? period, and inspired at once with dignity of birth and coilsciousness of beauty ! Alas! such visions no longer illuminate the dark tortuosities of Auld Reekie ! ? By his three countesses the Earl had twelve daughters, and he was beginning to despair of an heir to his title, when one was born to him. He died in 1729. Shortly before his death he wrote a SUSANNA, COUNTESS OF EGLINTON. (From t h Portrait k the ?Memoirs of the Mo#fgome*&s.?v under the misery and slavery of being united to England,a Scotsman,without prostituting his honour, can obtain nothing by following a Court but bring his estate under debt, and consequently himself to necessity,? The Countess was a great patron of authors. Boyse dedicated his poems to her, as Allan Ramsay did his ?? Gentle Shepherd,? and in doing so enlarged in glowing terms upon the virtues of his patroness, letter to his son, the tenth Earl, in which he advised him never to marry an Englishwoman, and wherein the following passage occurs :- ?You came to live at a time, my chiefest care, when the right to these kingdoms comes to be a question betwixt the House of Hanover, in possession, and the descendants of King James. You are, in my poor opinion, not to intermeddle with either, but live abstractly at home, managing your affairs to the best advantage, and living in a good understanding with your friends; for since we are 30 ? ?If it were not for offending your ladyship here, I might give the fullest liberty to my muse, to delineate the finest of women by drawing your ladyship?s character, and be in no hazard of being deemed a flatterer, since flattery lies not in paying what is due to merit, but in praises misplaced.? William Hamilton of Bangour, an elegant poet and accomplished man, had recommended Allan Ramsay to her notice in an address, in which he eulogises her and her daughters. After referring to
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