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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. II


. ._ .. 373 ,South Bridge.1 PROPOSAL FOR A SOUTH BRIDGE. . . SO early as 1775 the idea of erecting such a bridge was contemplated, at the cost of A8,600 steriing, to raise which it was proposed to have a port at the southern end at which tolls were to be levied, in consequence of which, according to Kinaid, , the idea was abandoned. No steps were taken in the matter till 1784, when Sir James Hunter Blair was elected Lord Provost, and he caused the site to be examined and a report made to the Council of the manner in which it THE WELLINGTON STATUE, REGISTER HOUSE, Citizen," appeared, addressed to the public, containing proposals for the erection of a bridge across the Cowgate, and establishing a permanent fund for the support of the city poor, and this gave a peat impetus to the undertaking. All parties concerned having met, the design was approved of, and an Act of Parliament obtained for carrying it on ; and the necessary demolitions were forthwith made. In the course of these mere swept away the old poultry Market, which appears in Edgar's plan
Volume 2 Page 373
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