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functions ; but, unlike that official, these functions did not become permanently a part of his office. At the Union the office of Clerk Register was preserved with all its dignity and emoluments, and that the records of Scotland should always remain in that kingdom. ' The salary of the office was abolished between 186r and 1868; but a select committee was so strongly irr favour of its maintainance, that it was restored by the 25th section of the Writs' Registration Act of the latter year. Under the Act passed together with the Treaty of Uiiion, no election of representative peers can 47 take place in Scotland without the presence of ,the Lord Clerk Register. Perhaps no holder of this important office ren- ' dered better service than the late Sir Wiliiam well known for his talents, energy, and great urbanity of manner. He was born in 1797, and in 1837 represented Midlothian in the Whig interest. In 1841 he was returned for the city as one of its representatives along with Lord Macaulay, and continued to sit till 1852, and ten years after was appointed Lord Clerk Register and one result of the careful charge and supervision he took of his department, was that the histoid documents
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