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Old and New Edinburgh Vol. II


35 2 OLD AND KEW EDINBURGH. [North Brid~c Neaves was to be delivered, the house was filled in every quarter; and to those who remember it the bill of the last performance may not be without ~~ - and a farewell address from the pen of Lord 1 Afm which hlr. JVyndhanr wifl DelPxr A FAREWELL ADDRESS. To k follmd by the Laughable Farce oj HIS LAST LEGS. Felix O?Callaghan, a man of genius, by Mr. Wyndhaminterest. THEATRE ROYAL., EDINBURGH. Sole Lessee, R. H. Wyndham, 95, Princes Street. Final Closinr of this Theatre Charles, i y Mr. Irving-Mr. Rivers, by Mr. Errser Jones-Dr, Banks, by Mr. Foote-John, by Mr. R. Saker--Thomas, by Mr. Davis-Mrs. Montague, by Miss Nicol-Tulia. by Miss Tones-Mrs. Bank, by Mrs. - . - On Wednesda; kay zgth, 1859. I E. Jones-Betty, by Miss S:Davis. ME. CLINCH AND DIRS. YATES AS THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF BXAGANZA. (AfterKny.) The Performance will commence with the celebrated Comedy written by Tom l?aylor and Charles Reade, Esq:., entitled MASKS AND FACES. Sir Charles Pomander, by Mr. Wyndham. Triplet, by Mr. Edmund Glover, Theatre Royal, Glasgow- Ernest Vane, by Mr. E. D. Lyons-Colley Cibber, by Mr, Foote-Quin, by Mr. Errser Jones-Snarl, by Mr. Fisher-Call Boy, Mr. R. Saker-Soaper, by Mr. Irving -Humdon, by Mr. Vahdenhaff-Colander, by Mr. Tames-Burdoch, by Mr. Carroll. Kitty Clive, by Miss M. Davis-Mn. Triplet, by Mrs. E. Jones-Roxalana, by Miss M. Foote-Maid, by Miss Thompson - Mabel Vane, bx Miss Sophia Miles. Peg WoBngton, by Mrs. Wyndham. A ffer which the Nafional Drama of CRAMOND BRIG. lames I.:, King of ScotZand by Mr. G. Melv21e. Jock Howieson, by Mr. Fisher-Birkie of that Ilk, by Mr. Rogerson-Murdoch, by Mr. Wallace-Officer, by Mr. Banks-Grime, by Mr. Douglas-Tam Maxwell, by Mr. Davis-Tibbie Howieson, by Miss Nicol-Marion, by Miss M. Davis, in which character she will sing the incidental song, ?A Kiss ahint fk Door!? To Conclude with a Moving and Removing Valedictory Sketch, Mr. Wjmdham, by himev-Mrs. Wyndham, by AcrseZf Spirit of the Past, Miss Nicol-Spirit of the Future, Miss THE NATIONAL ASTHEM BY THE ENTIRE COMPANY. Davia.
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