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?745.1 DEFENCE ABANDONED. 325 . abandoned; but still the gates were kept closed and guarded. The Whigs were utterly depressed, while the Jacobites were in a state of elation which they were at no pains to conceal, and from the permission that they should either be touched or removed ; thus eventually the whole, with 1,200 stand of arms, became the prize of the Highlanders. Meanwhile the whole of the volunteers, ?riffraff? as the General stigmatised them, vanished. The Dalkeith men stole ladders, scaled the walls, and fled in the night; and the Seceders, who were the last to abandon their colours, eventually followed them Then all hope of defending the city was of what passed at that conference little is known, save that at ten at night they returned with a letter from Charles, demanding a peaceable admittance into his father?s capital; but, aware that prompt ? But to wanton me, to wanton me, 0 ken ye what maist would wanton me ?- To see King James at Edinburgh Cross, With fifty thousand foot and horse, And the vile usurper forced to flee, Oh, this is what maist would wanton me ! ? Certain commissioners were sent to Gray?s Mill to treat with the Highland chiefs for the deliverance of the keys of the city on the best terms; but PROVOST STEWART?S LAND, WEST BOW. (From a Mcasurcd Drawing Sy T. Hamilton,jzuBl~hed in 1830.) ladies at their spinets, and the gallants in the street, was heard that song which Dr. Charles Mackay tells us was themost popular or fashionableone in the city during 1745-6, and of which two verses will suffice : ? To daunton me, and me sae young, And gude King James?s eldest son ! Oh that?s the thing that never can be, For the man?s unborn that?ll daunton me ! Oh, set me ance on Scottish land, With my gude broadsword in my hand, And the bonnet blue aboon my bree, Then show me the man that?ll daunton me ! ?1 measures were necessary, as Cope?s army in a fleet of transports was already at Dunbar, he detailed a detachment of go0 men under Lochiel, Ardsheil, and Keppoch, to advance upon the city, carrying with them powder to blow in one of the gates. Crossing the Burghmuu by moonlight, they reached the vicinity of the Nether Bow Port, by entering under the archway near St. John?s Street ; and the narrative of Provost Stewart?s trial records what followed then. The sentry at the gate stopped a hackney coach that approached it from the inside
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