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singular groups of huge, irregular, and diversified tenements that could well be conceived. Here a stunted little timber dwelling black with age, and ~ beyond it a pile of masonry, rising, storey above storey, from some murky propound that left its chimneys, scarcely rivalling those of its dwarfish MAHOGANY LAND- (Fmm a Mrafured Drawing & T. Hnmihn, #dIiskcd in 1830.) case of his is thus reported by Lord Fountainhall, under date July 6th, 1709 :- ?? Duncan Campbell, of Ashfield, giving himself out to be the best lithotomist and cutter for the stone, pursues Mungo Campbell, of Netherplace, that he being under the insupportable agony of the neighbours, after climbing thus far from their foundations in the depths below.? The Edinburgh Gazeffe for July, 1702, informed the public that Duncan Campbell, of Ashfield, chirurgeon to the city of Glasgow, was receiving patients in his lodging at the foot of the West Bow, and that he was great in operations for stone, having ?cutted nine score persons without the death of any, except five?; and one astounding I gravel, and was kept down in his bed by two ser- ? vants, sent for the said Duncan to cure him, who leaving the great employment he had, waited on him for several weeks ; and by an emaciating diet, fitted him for the operation, then cut him and brought away a big stone of five ounces? weight, and since that time he has ehjoyed better health, for which extraordinary cure all he got in hand was seventeen guineas ; whereas, by his attendance
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