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Leith Wynd.] PAUL?S WORK. 301 issued an edict, that among the bedesmen entertained there should be ?na Papistes,? but men of the ? trew religion.? The buildings having become ruinous, were reconstructed under the name of Paul?s Work in 1619, and five Dutchmen were brought from Delft to teach certain boys and girls lodged therein the manufacture of coarse woollen stuffs. ? They furnished the poor children whom The Town Council of Edinburgh became proprietors of this charity, according to their Register, in consequence of Queen Mary?s grant to them of all such religious houses and colleges in Edinburgh; and in 1582 they resolved to adapt the bishop?s college for other purposes than he intended, and ? Edinburghers in 1621, as Calderwood records, on the 1st of May, certain profane and shperstitious ? weavers in Paul?s Worke, Englishe and Dutche, set up a highe May-pole, with garlants and bells,? crqusing a great concourse of people to assemble ; and it seemed eventually that the manufacture did not succeed, or the Town Council grew weary of , encouraging it j so they converted Paul?s Work ding,? says Arnot, ?and paid the masters of the work, thirteen pence and a third 01 a penny weekly, during the first year of their apprenticeship. This was considered as a very beneficial institution, and accordingly, many well-disposed people enriched it with donations :? but to the horror of the COWGATE PORT. (Fvom a View by Ewbank, published in 1825.)
Volume 2 Page 301
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